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It’s pretty widely accepted now that if you’ve been the victim of an accident, and someone else was to blame for that accident, then you should be able to claim some compensation from them. Although the idea developed something of a bad reputation for a while, due mainly to the unscrupulous actions of less than reputable companies hoping to cash in on people’s misfortunes, the basic principle is one which revolves around ideas of justice and fairness. It’s only fair that expense caused by the neglect or mistakes of another party should be paid by that party, and it’s surely only just that people should be compensated for the long term pain and suffering caused by an accident for which they were not responsible. With that in mind, it’s clearly right that people should be able to seek out the help of trained, experienced, hard working personal injury lawyers when the time comes to pursue such a claim. That’s where a company like ours comes in. We’ve got the experience, the knowledge and the training to know exactly how to build a case for compensation and a desire to see that case through until you get what you deserve.

Of course, there are many companies like ours in the market place, all jostling for your attention. What marks us out from the rest is that we’ve chosen to specialise in dealing with one particular type of injury. We handle claims pertaining to cases of whiplash, and what this specialisation means is that we’ve built up an enviable wealth of experience and are in a position to answer any questions you may have and deal with any of the specific features of your own particular case.

Whiplash is often thought of as a fairly minor and trivial injury but, in truth, this is often not the case. The phrase itself covers a broad range of injuries affecting a person’s neck. Most whiplash injuries are caused during road traffic accidents, but they can also take place when a person falls or during sporting activity. Whiplash injuries generally occur when the head of the victim is jerked backwards and then forwards in a way which damages the soft tissue of the neck. One of the most striking features of whiplash injuries is that it can be several hours after the incident in question before the symptoms make themselves felt. This is why it’s imperative, following any kind of an accident, to seek out immediate medical treatment. The symptoms of whiplash include a painful neck and back, needles and pins or numbness in the arms and legs, bad headaches, blurred vision and dizziness. Longer term symptoms can include disturbed sleep, depression, memory problems and fatigue. It’s clear, then, that whiplash is a very serious physical and psychological industry, and one which can be caused by only low speed, minor road traffic accidents or other incidents in places such as roller coasters or when out horse riding.

If you feel you’ve been involved in an accident which wasn’t your fault, and this has led to you suffering from whiplash, then call us on 0800 234 6438, and our trained advisers will take the details of your case and give you an honest judgement as to whether you are in a good position to make a no win no fee claim for compensation.